On this page: This page outlines a VALS case study outlining how VALS
supported has sup
ported clients in Koori court.
A Helping Hand

A disadvantaged man in Koori Court contacted VALS on the day he was due in court after being told by his last lawyer he didn’t need his help. This person had a long list of rules he had broken and had also spent quite a lot of time in prison. He was about to lose his driver’s licence and looking at going back into prison. He is a person who needed a lawyer. 

He is a great father, having recently been allowed to see his children again, and a gifted artist whose talent was sadly discovered in jail. His improved family situation meant he wanted to drive his children to school, some 30 minutes away, which was so important for him and his children. Through VALS, we were able to postpone his sentence to allow him time to deal with the loss of his driver’s licence and not risk his ability to participate in school and fun activities. He put plans in place, found support in the community he didn’t know he had, and further highlighted to the court and the elders his successful recovery.

Finally, he did not have to go back to prison and his art is now always on show in the Koori Court.