Artwork Title: “Aunty Bunta’s Journey”

This painting represents the strength and passion that Aunty Lorraine ‘Bunta’ Patten, a proud Gunditjmara Woman had for her people.

The figures throughout the middle black section represent Aunty Bunta’s life journey speaking up for her people and against the injustice they had received. Throughout the painting the figures change and have different symbols, showing different roles she had throughout her life.

Around the figures are circles with the lines joining representing the many roles and services Aunty Bunta had helped set up for her people.

The top red lined section of the painting represents Aunty Bunta’s culture, strength and resilience.

The yellow section with the hill formations, represent the many mobs across Victoria. Aunty Bunta was a leader and founding member in setting up many regional and state organisations that helped her mob from across the state.

The bottom section of the mural is a long-curved line. This symbolises the song line and passing down of the services to the generations to come, this is a symbol of Aunty Bunta’s legacy to her people. The stars that are located at different sections along the song line is dreaming stories. This is so we know who we all are and where we come from.

I hope you feel Aunty Bunta’s passion and love for her community through looking at the mural.

About the artist | Emma Bamblett

Emma Bamblett was born and raised in Echuca on the Murray River. Since moving to Melbourne 18 years ago, Emma has found inspiration and motivation from the arts community in Melbourne and had a wonderful opportunity through events such as the Koorie Night Market to showcase her artwork. She has also had a lot of opportunity to express her artwork through the work she does in the Aboriginal child and family welfare sector. For Emma she has found purpose and meaning in her artwork which represents the stories and struggles for vulnerable children, youth and families. Emma’s style of mediums area acrylic on canvas and she loves to show the bright and vibrant colours through her artwork which she hopes people see and feel what she is feeling when they look at her paintings.