On this page: This page outlines what you can expect if you have are driving while suspended.

Driving While Suspended

If you have your licensed suspended you may not drive for any reason, if you drive there are serious penalties. You need to go to VicRoads to reapply for your license after the time of suspension finishes, it is not automatically given back to you.

Click here to visit VicRoads to reapply for your license if your suspension has ended.

Or click here if you need to make a licence eligibility order application if you lost your driver’s licence due to:

  • a drug driving offence
  • a serious motor vehicle offence
  • an offence of dangerous or negligently driving while pursued
    by police
  • an offence of theft or attempted theft of a motor vehicle.


Applying to get your licence back | Magistrates Court of Victoria (mcv.vic.gov.au)

If you are suspended you may appeal the suspension under certain circumstances