On this page: This page outlines what you can expect if you have to attend drug court.

Drug Court

Drug Courts are courts specifically for drug and alcohol related matters. They assign and enforce an order called a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Order (DATO).

A DATO consists of two parts


This is a sentence of imprisonment – not exceeding two years – to be served in the community to allow the participant to receive drug and / or alcohol treatment. 

Treatment and supervision: 

This aims to address the participant’s drug and / or alcohol dependency.

The supervision of the participant is the responsibility of a Drug Court Magistrate. You are able to receive support from case managers, clinical advisors, alcohol and drug counsellors, and VALS to achieve treatment and recovery goals.

Participants on a DATO are required to:  

  • attend and participate in regular appointments with the Drug Court 
  • routinely submit to supervised drug and / or alcohol testing
  • attend Drug Court weekly
  • engage in drug and or alcohol, medical, psychiatric or psychological assessment and treatment
  • attend educational, vocational, employment or other programs
  • comply with conditions of the DATO, including residential and curfew conditions.

Rewards and sanctions are used to encourage positive behaviour and address any participants not meeting requirements.

Not meeting the requirements of the order or reoffending may lead to the cancellation of a DATO. 

(Source: This legal information derives from the work of the MCV 2021)