On this page: This page outlines what you can do if you are experiencing pregnancy and/or parental discrimination at work.

Pregnancy and parental discrimination at work

Pregnancy discrimination at work is when an employer treats an employee badly because of their pregnancy.

Parental discrimination at work can occur when an employer treats an employee badly because they need to look after their children, or unreasonably insists on work conditions that an employee can’t comply with because of their children.

Examples of pregnancy discrimination in the workplace;

       Refused shifts because you are pregnant.

       fired because you are pregnant.

       made redundant while you are on parental leave.

       told that you no longer can go back to your old job after returning from  parental leave.

      refused a promotion because you are pregnant. 

The Australian Government
Supporting Working Parents | (humanrights.gov.au) website has resources for both employees and employers to learn about their rights and obligations.

There is also information on the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website:
Maternity and parental leave – Fair Work Ombudsman