On this page: This page outlines what you can do if you feel like you have been sexually harassed.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual behaviour that could make a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.

Sexual harassment can include:

  • sexual advances that are unwelcome
  • request for sexual favours that are unwelcome
  • any other kind of unwelcome attention of a sexual nature

Sexual harassment can be physical, written or verbal;

  • commenting about the private life or sexual orientation of someone
  • staring at someone in a suggestive behaviour
  • purposefully brushing up against someone, touching or fondling.
  • making sexual comments or jokes about someone
  • sending around offensive images, including images on social media or in a text message
  • harassing someone to go out on a date
  • asking someone for sex

The Victorian law is explained here: Sexual harassment | Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

The Federal law is explained here: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace – The Legal Definition of Sexual Harassment | Australian Human Rights Commission

If you feel like you have been sexually harassed and need to know more information about the steps you can take, please contact VALS on 1800 064 865