Director Executive & Corporate Services

Kerryn Airs


A member of the Executive Management Team Kerryn works to achieve VALS goals and objectives of addressing the causes and effects of the disadvantage of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders within the justice system and improving quality and efficiency of service delivery and efficiency to access high quality and culturally appropriate legal aid services.

Providing better priorities and target resources to ensure services are responsive to established priorities and community needs and provide the best possible quality of service to individual clients.

Reporting directly to the CEO, Kerryn oversees 4 areas of the organization: 1) Human Resources, 2) Policy, Research and Advocacy (Communications), 3) Quality Improvement (Accreditation, Quality, Privacy Control, Complaints) and, 4) Office Services.

Kerryn has worked in senior IT procurement and strategic sourcing roles with DJCS, Department of Education and Training and DHHS. Kerryn also has expertise in communications and IT procurement within the education sector working with Swinburne and Chisholm (formerly Casey TAFE).