On this page: This page outlines what employers are required to accomodate you, if you have are living with a disability or have responsibilities as a carer or parent.

It is the Role of Your Employer to Accommodate
Disabilities and Carer Responsibilities
Employers are required to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ (changes) to accommodate a disability; or your responsibilities as a carer or parent.  
These adjustments are wide ranging. They may be required to let you attend an appointment or work from home if you need to care for someone or offer care for someone self-isolating. 

Reasonable adjustments are very individual. One adjustment might be reasonable in one workplace but not in another. For example, employers with big workforces might reasonably accommodate changes to working hours, whereas that might not be possible for an employer with just a few staff. It varies from employer to employer and will depend on how much inconvenience or hardship the adjustments will cause your employer.  

How the changes affect others and the costs of the changes can matter as well. But your employer must ensure the workplace is safe for all employees, customers and visitors and follow government guidance. 

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