On this page: This page outlines what you can expect if you have committed a traffic offence.

Traffic Offences

Most driving and traffic offences incur a fine and/or loss of demerit points. A notice to pay a fine is called an infringement notice.

You should read the infringement notice carefully and contact the prosecuting agency that gave you the ticket if you have any questions.

If you don’t want your traffic offence to be dealt with as an infringement, you can choose to have the matter heard in the Magistrates’ Court.

Before you go to court, you may want to request a review from the prosecuting agency.

Go to the Fines Victoria website for more information.

It is important to get legal advice before deciding to take your matter to court. Coming to court is serious and you may lose your licence, get a criminal record or receive a bigger fine if you decide to challenge the infringement. 

(Source: Magistrates Court of Victoria, 2021)