The Baggarrook program is designed to support highly vulnerable Aboriginal women as they transition from prison. The program involves participation and support provided by VALS and a number of allied organisations as well and the DHHS and Corrections Victoria. Each participant is provided with transitional housing, and a model of holistic support.

The program is designed with acknowledgment given to the significant and complex needs of Aboriginal women transitioning from prison, and is culturally safe, co-designed by VALS and the program partners.

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“VALS and our partners are committed to supporting Aboriginal women, who are highly vulnerable  during this time of transition, we together with our partners are ensuring that their voices are heard and that they are able to receive much needed in kind assistance, stable housing, and holistic support. This integrated support model involves integrated housing support, the provision of care packages, ongoing support from justice workers and other allied professionals. We truly believe that the Barrarrook program and similarly modelled support programs have the ability to help Aboriginal women move forward after times of challenge."
Nerita Waight
CEO of the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service

“The Baggarrook program is open to all women and welcomes trans and gender diverse, non-binary, sistergirls, brotherboys, intersex and two spirit queer folk who identify as women and feel comfortable accessing a women’s housing service.”