VALS works with a number of partners on community justice, legal services delivery and research partnerships We are committed to supporting partnerships that equip, empower and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Victoria We work with ethical, community focused partners that share this commitment.

We work with other ACCOs and community organisations as well as mainstream service providers to promote better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Examples of our partnerships include Baggarrook (AHV, Corrections Victoria, DHHS and others), Aboriginal Community Justice Reports (UTS, FiveBridges, Griffith and others), the Integrated Project (Consumer Action Law Centre) amongst others. Click on the project images to learn more about each initiative.

VALS is keen to connect with other partners that want to engage in projects that align to our purposes. All partner inquiries should be directed via email

Baggarrook Program – A program assisting women in the transition from prison to stable and secure housing with holistic support

Aboriginal Community Justice Reports – A program to provide cultural reports to the courts in support of more just outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

The Integrated Project – A program to provide greater insight into the treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders engaging with the financial sector