We provide advice about child welfare, child related family law matters, and family violence.

The type of family law work VALS does is:

  • Family matters: including parenting order applications, lawyer assisted mediation, parenting disputes, grandparent applications and urgent applications for recovery of a child. Unfortunately, we are not able to assist with property matters.
  • Child protection matters in the Children’s Court: including pre-litigation advice and representation during court proceedings for applications brought by the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing. 
  • Family Violence Intervention Orders (FVO): including litigating or defending FVO applications for applicants and respondents, operating an early resolution service to assist parties reach a negotiated agreement prior to litigation. We will generally not assist an affected family member where the Police is the applicant.
  • General legal information about divorce proceedings.

VALS’ family lawyers service the whole State of Victoria, appearing at Metropolitan Courts and engaging agents to assist in regional areas. We also represent clients in the Federal Family Courts.

Please note that we have eligibility criteria for our services.

If you meet these criteria and need assistance, or have a question for our Family Practice team, please get in touch with us.