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Frequently asked questions

VALS offers support across a number of issues, with dedicated Family Law, Civil and Criminal practice areas Its best to contact our practice areas directly to determine whether they are able to assist.

VALS provides its services gratis, free of any charge, and is funded by State, Federal and private funding entities to meet its financial obligations. VALS will not seek to bill or otherwise charge you for its services.

VALS is always looking for talented people that are committed to promoting social justice and improving the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Click here to learn about current opportunities, or click here to register your expression of interest for future employment.

Great, we would love to connect with you and identify whether there are any viable opportunities for volunteerism. Click here to learn more about volunteering and to register your expression of interest.

VALS main social media activity is on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Please follow, like or subscribe to any of these platforms.

Please contact our corporate services team and ask to speak with accounts payable.

VALS supports all of Victoria with offices in Preston, Mildura, Shepparton, Swan Hill.  If there is not an office near you we are still able to assist. Please contact our toll free number 1800 064 865 to learn about how we are able to assist you.

We are always happy to discuss partner opportunities, perhaps start by reviewing our partnerships page, click here to visit the page.

You will find partnership examples and partnership contacts.

VALS is happy to discuss volunteerism for credit bearing subjects, noting that the candidate will need to broker any subject specific requirements with the relevant provider and VALS prior to commencement.

VALS is open to discussions regarding paid and unpaid work integrated learning. Arrangements are required between VALS and the relevant TAFE or University.

Should the candidate wish to undertake a paid WIL activity, any inquiries regarding WIL should be directed to us via email. 

VALS does not disclose any identified data. VALS does not generally disclose any de-identified data unless an arrangement is in place with the data recipient. VALS may request that the data recipient have the necessary research ethics approvals in place at the time of the application for data.

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