VALS Volunteering Opportunities are Currently at Capacity

VALS Volunteering Program

Since 2021, VALS has hosted over 200 volunteers.

 Youth Volunteering Program

For those aged 15 – 18 Years old. These can be tailored to suit the individual, or group. We host ‘Careers Week’ placements through schools, and general weekly, fortnightly, or monthly placements. 

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator directly through the contact form below, if you are 15-18 and wish to have placement at VALS.

Feedback from some of our VALS Volunteers

“I really liked how VALS’ culture was unabashedly focused on social justice without losing sight of the people involved. That was really human, and an experience I wish I could say that I always had in community spaces”.

“I Loved my time at VALS, it honestly meant so much to volunteer and see how legal practice can be delivered in a way that is currently sensitive and empowering “.

“Working at VALS as a volunteer means that you get to learn and enact the importance of contributing to First Nations justice through volunteering and learn more about the systemic problems entrenched in criminal law, and the legal systems of Australia more broadly. Then, in your own, personal way, you can work towards remedying that, and hopefully contribute to making those systems more just and equitable”

“With the Volunteer Coordinator’s help, I felt very settled in from the start. They also regularly checked in with me throughout my time at VALS. This helped me feel very supported throughout the entire process. I also loved all of the coffee catch ups with them because it was a great way for me to feel comfortable talking about my experiences at VALS.”

When completing tasks and intake calls, I was also regularly provided with feedback for my professional development.”

“Overall, I would recommend VALS as a great place to volunteer. There are a lot of amazing, capable, knowledgeable, committed people working here from whom volunteers could learn a lot.”

Are you interested in volunteering with VALS?

VALS is supported by a number of talented volunteers who contribute to a number of different functional areas within the organisation. VALS has a long history of working with volunteers for social change. VALS was founded by a group of talented and dedicated volunteers to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Victoria.

This group of volunteers were champions of social change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people in Victoria and more broadly.

If you would like to contribute to a dynamic and rights-focused organisation, please register your interest in volunteering with VALS today.

Expressions of interest reopen in September 2024 


273 High St, Preston VIC 3072

1800 064 865

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