The regional CSO staffing has remained constant during this period with staff working out of the following locations:

  • Bairnsdale: Lyn Morgan
  • Morwell: Vacant
  • Shepparton: Vacant
  • Swan Hill: Charmain Anton
  • Mildura: (Acting Regional Team Leader) Andrew Arden and Stephan Gocol

Our regional CSOs provide essential services in connecting our lawyer to their clients and the local communities. Our CSOs main focus is the health and wellbeing of people in custody and ensuring that everyone going to court feels supported.

Regional CSOs spend the majority of their time traveling across the state to various regional courts, supporting people prior to, at and after court. The CSOs also provide important follow-up appointments with clients to assist lawyers in progressing legal matters and identifying appropriate support services for clients. They undertake community legal education, making sure people living in their region have access to legal information when they need it, and can talk to a lawyer if they need that too.