In the lead up to the 2022 Victorian state election, Smart Justice for Young People – a coalition of over 50 leading social services, health, legal and youth advocacy organisations, calling for evidenced-based and effective responses for children and young people who come into contact with the legal system – is asking all candidates to commit to keeping very young children out of the criminal legal system and prisons by raising the age of criminal responsibility to at least 14 years of age.

We sent a survey out to all candidates who have nominated for the 2022 Victorian state election asking two questions: ‘1) Do you support raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility in Victoria to at least 14 years of age?’ and ‘2) If elected, will you make passing legislation to support this reform a priority in the next term of parliament?’ 

You can download candidates’ answers to these questions (including if candidates choose not to participate) listed by electorate in alphabetical order. This table lists purely candidates’ responses to these two specific questions and not their detailed policy positions on this topic. We encourage members of the public to research individuals’ or parties’ platforms for more detail on their policies around youth justice if you wish to do so.

To find out where the candidates running for election in your local area stand on Raise the Age:

  1. Go to and type in your address. It will show you which electorate you are in for the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.
  2. Scroll through the below list, which is in alphabetical order with the Legislative Assembly first and the Legislative Council second, to find your electorates and see where the candidates in your area stand on this issue.

Note: if you are a candidate for the Victorian 2022 election who has not received this survey please let us know by emailing Lauren Frost at and we will send you the survey and publish your answers once we receive them.

Authorised by the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service, 273 High St, Victoria, 3072